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 Image based icons emphasize key points and create a connection with the audience in any document. Use these 3D images in PowerPoint, Word, Excel and Publisher for a consistant message in all your office documents!

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Missing network icon on windows Systray.

 By default, the network icon found in the Systray is set to not be seen. To enable this icon in your Systray follow the below steps.

Right-click on the “My network Places” or “Network Neighborhood” icon on the desktop and click properties. If this icon is not available open “Network connections” from the Control Panel.

Within the network connections window, right-click on the network you wish to view the network icon for and click Properties. For example, right-click on “Local Area Connection” and click properties.

Finally, within the properties window, check the “Show icon in taskbar when connected” or “Show icon in notification area when connected” box at the bottom of the window

 power icon

The Problem


The system tray (in short: systray, nowadays also called taskbar notification area) is the icon strip normally located near the right end of the task bar, next to the clock.

Some Windows XP installations show a peculiar defect in that some systray icons disappear or, rather, do not appear, when the system is booted and the user logs on. The problem is even more prevalent on systems with autologon. The most frequently affected icons seem to be the speaker icon (sound volume) and the power/energy icon.

Hide inactive icons

This has nothing to do with the hide inactive icons settings. The defect shows up when you don’t have any icons set for hiding.

In any case, please make sure for now that you haven’t activated that setting. Right-click the task bar, click on Properties, uncheck the last check box. You can reactivate it later if all other problems are identified or solved.

In Vista, if the Clock, Network, Volume and Power icons have disappeared and when you go into properties on the taskbar and look at “System Icons” under the “Notification Area” tab, Volume, Network, and Power are greyed out, then visit Paul’s Forum and run his fixing program.

2006-08-14 – Glenn S. reminds us that, if other icons disappear for good and never reappear, we should check first whether the programs are started at all.

Check your Startup folder and the starter registry entries through Start, Run…, type: msconfig, press Enter, to check whether the programs are really started at system start, or use Task Manager (Ctrl + Shift + Esc) to see whether the processes are running.

Sound volume

A particular and special problem is that only the sound volume icon disappears, but the others are there. In this case the main solutions below will not work. Instead you have to look at the sound driver. Try to reinstall it. But first read the chapter “Other known causes” further below for some specific symptoms and solutions.

Task Manager

There are a few other problems that can cause similar behavior and can mislead you into believing that they are the same problem. If you are not sure, read the entire article first, because a few more are described later. The ones concerning Task Manager are described in the next chapter, because they can be too easily mistaken for the main problem described in the other chapters.

Entire taskbar

If, however, your entire taskbar or any major part of it is missing altogether, then the rest of this article is irrelevant to you. Instead the Kelly’s Korner tool Taskbar Plus! may or may not help you. I don’t know what exactly it does and can only recommend to use it carefully and to use only the function that pertains to solve your immediate problem, then test the result.

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