How to Give a Pretty Good Presentation: A Speaking Survival Guide for the Rest of Us

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Reduce the time and stress associated with your presentations

Bookshelves are crowded with books on how to be an exceptional presenter and promise to produce a brilliant, standing-ovation speaker. But what about a presentation resource for the rest of us? There are so many of us regular folk who who want to spend just a little time and effort to get over the big hurdle of giving a presentation, but don’t know where to turn for advice.

How to Give a Pretty Good Presentation is the easy answer to this common need. Straightforward, entertaining, and well-organized, this user-friendly resource will walk you step-by-step through the process from how to write, rehearse, and deliver a pretty good presentation that will make you appear confident, memorable, and competent. Although it does not promise the moon (or a standing ovation), this public speaking survival guide will help you:

  • Appear confident (even while still feeling nervous!)
  • Take the spotlight off of you and put it on your content
  • Save time
  • Not put people to sleep with your PowerPoint Presentation
  • Produce better results
  • Make better impressions
  • Reduce the feelings of dread, sleeplessness, and procrastination associated with your presentations
  • Prepare even if you’ve waited until the day before or an hour before your presentation is to be given

Whatever your job, if you need to give a presentation and are feeling overwhelmed by it, How to Give a Pretty Good Presentation is there for you. If you want to reduce the time and stress associated with your presentations now and pass all future presentation opportunities with flying colors, then pick up this fun and accessible guide; you’ll no doubt like the resulting improvement in both your personal and professional bottom line.

Top Ten Public Speaking Do’s and Don’ts

 DO the following:
1. Be interesting.
2. Be passionate.
3. Tell stories.
4. Give examples.
5. Cite case studies.
6. Look at the audience.
7. Let people ask questions anytime.
8. Tell people why they should give a da*&!
9. Move your head, hands and body.
10. Finish on time (or early)

DON’T do the following:
1. Read your speech.
2. Do a data dump.
3. Show complex slides with lots of words and small graphics.
4. Stare at your slides and avoid your audience.
5. Be abstract.
6. Use big, complex words.
7. Use Jargon.
8. Be monotone.
9. Be boring.
10. Go over your allotted time.

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price: $7.68
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