The Presentation Zen Way: Video Lessons on Simple Presentation Design

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The Presentation Zen Way: Video Lessons on Simple Presentation Design

The Presentation Zen Way

Presentation Zen Way is a beautiful Japanese Bento Box-inspired package featuring a

  • 50-minute DVD video;
  • 168-page,
  •  spiral-bound sketchbook for storyboarding your presentations;
  • Two pads of Post-it® Notes;
  • Two red pencils; and
  • an iStockphoto coupon valued at $300.

All of the components of this package are designed to correlate with the concepts Garr Reynolds, the authority on presentation design and delivery, Garr Reynolds teaches in his popular video, books, and blog.

In the DVD, Garr invites viewers to create provocative presentations with solid designs and Zen simplicity.

In this personal, one-on-one video, Garr delivers his ideas from his popular book, Presentation Zen, and blog,, and challenges viewers to go beyond the conventional slide presentation style and think more creatively to achieve simpler, more effective presentations.

Within an hour viewers will learn to plan and prepare their presentations, and craft their story with storyboarding techniques utilize design principles that show viewers to communicate messages more effectively,  deliver more meaningful presentations by successfully connecting with audiences.  This included sketchbook is like a journal for presenters of all types—it’s an analog place to go and sketch out presentation ideas.

Presenters will find blank pages for jotting down notes, creating mind maps, or using whatever brainstorming techniques they find helpful.  A storyboarding technique presenters often use,  involves writing down notes onto sticky notes and then arranging them as they build the structure of their presentations.

Some of the pages in this sketchbook contain blank boxes that are sized for the Post-it® Notes also included in this package so you can use this technique to storyboard your own presentations.

Throughout the sketchbook, users will find quotes from Garr s book Presentation Zen Simple Ideas on Presentation Design and Delivery to help inspire while preparing and clarifying a presentation.

price: $23.30
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